NUT. Accelerator Pedal Mounting. Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness. Instrument Panel. License Plate. Main Wiring Junction and Fuse Block. Radio Auxiliary Speakers.

Part Number: 01622415
Supersession(s): 1622415

NUT,FRT LIC PLT FRM(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,I/P INSL(03.452). NUT,I/P SOUND INSUL(6.0X1.0)(03.452). NUT,MULTIUSE MDL BRKT(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,FRT LIC PLT FRM(03.452). NUT,I/P SOUND INSL(03.452). NUT,RDO RR SPKR CVR RET(03.452). NUT,I/P SOUND INSUL(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,RR LIC PLT FRM(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,DA WRG HARN CDT(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,DA WRG HARN(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE). NUT,DA WRG HARN(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452). NUT,I/P SOUND INSUL(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE). NUT,I/P INSL(6.0X1.0)(WING TYPE)(03.452).

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